Writer, fallen member of Liechtensteinian nobility, and all around shit-stirrer.

Vital Statistics (Current Series)Edit

Age:  28

Sex:  Male

From:  Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Abilities:  Writing, improvising chipoltle-based weaponry, wrestling, pummeling henchmen, being a motherfucking boss.

First appearance:  The Regenesising 1

Vital Statistics (Original Series)Edit

Age:  23

Sex:  Male

From:  Richmond, VA

Abilities:  Undefined

First appearance:  Episode One

What's His Story?Edit

Villemous Quetzacoattl CreepKnight was born in Vaduz, Liechtenstein to what is a presumably wealthy and royal family. Possibly a family known for creating huge, weird, lizard sheep things.

Early on Villemous made it clear that he was a heinous, insufferable little brat who was at odds with his father, leading to him being sent to the United States to learn of humility and hubris and to return with Classic Coca-Cola for his father.

At some later undefined point, CreepKnight was either completely banished from his homeland or opted to stay in the US permanently and retain citizenship. Either way, the only time he returns home is for Christmas during which he and his father observe a ceasefire in hostilities.

He still recieves a regular supply of Blitzgrun from home.

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A Creepy EvolutionEdit