"Web Mistress" and translator on the original VW Series

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex:  Female

Age:  Unknown

From:  Providence, RI

Abilities:  Cooking healthy fried chicken and mashed potatoes (a mean feat in and of itself), Translating, being a goodly lady.

First Appearance:  Never appeared on panel.  Was namechecked in Episode Six, posted 3/26/06.  Much of the information for this page was taken from the accompanying text posted to the website along with that comic.

What's her story?Edit

According to her own statement, she discovered Grymm and Creepknight underneath her porch swing hiding from "Lame Gil Dom" and "The Lobster Claw Mafia".  In return for cleaning her gutters and teaching her how to use "the internet", she is hiding them from The Lobster Claw Mafia.  She also functions as "Web Mistress" and translator for Napoleon's speech.