PAGE NUMBER:  37


FEATURED CHARACTERS:  Creepknight, Grymm, Mac

HOVER TEXT:  "37:  San Diego Confidential Part Six"

SYNOPSIS:  CK attempts to come to grips with the situation.  The universe throws him a curveball.

QUOTABLE:  "You know, it isn't often that a man looks at me like that.  Usually his eyes are too fucking swollen to focus."

NOTES:  First appearance of Mac.

CK wears the Top Hat Cthulhu on his shirt.  This page was the original first appearance of CK's sigil until the first page was remixed, and the THC was added to CK's shirt.

InfernoCon '07 was held at the Grand Windmar Hotel.  The city is not specified on this page.

In the background, Grymm gets himself into some trouble with a paddleball.

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