Science Badger and destroyer of Con Rats

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

From: Unknown (Though knowing Voodoo Walrus, Grymm, and special animals, it's very possible that Grymm obtained Kaboodles from the Achmeds.

Abilities: Far more technologically savvy than a badger has any right to be. So far it's been established that Kaboodles knows how to use advanced weaponry, computers, and anti-home invasion systems.

First appearance: Kaboodles first appeared in the second Aftermath ( page following the Jerry Incident.

What's His Story?Edit

Kaboodles is Grymm's pet badger. From his very first appearance serving tea to Grymm, it was obvious that Kaboodles wasn't simply a common badger. His next appearance was during the InfernoCon storyline in which Grymm used him to ward off the more obnoxious samplings of Con Rats.

Beyond that, Kaboodles only occasionally popped up. With each appearance going farther to suggest that the badger was not only smarter than the average mustelid, but was in fact dabbling in super science. He donned googles and custom clothing ranging from "jackers" to tiny lab coats. Began a violent fued with Napoleon. Took it upon himself to act as the frontline defense against cases of Doc invading the Walrus domicle to molest CreepKnight. He might have even bred a pterodactyl for traveling purposes.


Kaboodles doesn't seem to fit easily into any one sub-species classification of badger. If anything he appears to be a hybrid of the American Badger and European Badger.

Kaboodles' existence is likely to be a nod to the real life Grymm's additional online aliases of The Badger Grymm and Grymm Badger.

Despite advanced intelligence, having his own surveillance room/laboratory, and apparently having access to the Walrus Orbital Laser Cannon, Kaboodles main desire seems to be that of obtaining more "Crispy". At this time it is unknown whether the Crispy in question refers to the Commodore/Commander Crispy cereals enjoyed in the comic, or if it refers to a different food that Kaboodles simply refers to as "Crispy".

What it's story?Edit