Butter Queen and cooking show personality

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex: Female

Age: 63 (at time of appearance)

From: Albany, GA

Abilities: Frying chicken, baking biscuits, instigating type-2 diabetes, and speaking in a southern twang that's adorable and irritating as hell at the same time.

First Appearance: The Greasy Spoon 8: Just Desserts

What's Her Story?Edit


Is this the face of a butter-fueled destroyer of worlds?

It's important to note here that "PD" is not expressly identified as being Paula Deen. But if she were, then she'd be an author, restaurateur, and world famous cooking show host. Her recipes are generally high-fat, high-calorie, high-cholesterol affairs.

In the world of VOODOO WALRUS, she is seen obliterating Skip Weasel Joe's with a Butter Laser whilst monologuing about deep frying the perfect meatball.


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