FEATURED CHARACTERS:  Grymm, Creepknight

HOVER TEXT:  "28:  On the Sofa of Madness"

SYNOPSIS:  The boys go to the tape for inspiration.

QUOTABLE:  "I am the soft server.  Are you the sprinkle scooper?"

NOTES:  It is not stated if this is the recording made by Grymm and CK during the events of The Creative Process storyline.

The Stephen King novels The Dark Tower and The Gunslinger can be seen around the room.

Grymm has stripey socks.

H.P. Lovecraft references abound here.  The title of the page could reference the story At the Mountains of Madness or the Lovecraft-inspired John Carpenter film In the Mouth of MadnessThe line beginning "That which is dead can eternal lie..." is part of a rhyming couplet appearing in The Necronomicon, which is a fictional book appearing in many Lovecraft stories.

CK's comment about Cyradwee wanting them to kill a pizza boy is likely the result of the events of the previous page.

Patrick Warburton is an American actor and voice artist.

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