Interdimensional groupie, Manager, Secret Watcher of the Dark One.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex:  Female (unknown if this is true form)

Age:  1020 turns past the rising of the immaculate drag queen.

From:  An alternate dimension.  On this plane, the belly of the Hobo Jesus.

Abilities:  Magic, reality bending, adorableness

First appearance:  Hobo-Geddon: Exit Hobo Jesus

What's Her Story?Edit

Mirth was born from the belly of the Hobo Jesus during Hobo-Geddon and claimed only to be the biggest fan of CK and Grymm's work. Which at the time would've meant Angry Nun Action Squad, Ferretman, and/or their knack for violence and chaos.

The Walrus adopted Mirth into its fold quickly and seemed unbothered by her blatant confusion and earnest lack of knowledge about such common things as the differences between lobsters and human infants, cereal, and the best times to not surprise hug CreepKnight (Which seems to after he's woken up, but before coffee has fully taken effect.

Mirth maintains an unexplained affinity for magic and for communing with monsters and strange creatures. She also has a number of creatures known only as fingerbats under her control (literally nothing but disembodied human fingers with wings and tiny pointy legs. At this time it is unknown as to whether or not there are also Toe Bats or Thumb Bats).

So far Mirth has shown that she can magically push people, teleport, open portals from one place to another, and project magical energy. During the Greasy Spoon story, it was revealed that Mirth's father has access to necromantic creatures known as Beholds (creatures comprised of nothing but eyeballs and tentacles) for resurrection purposes. Mirth's mother is mentioned briefly as is something known as Feast of the Soul Drinkers.

Mirth's father again makes a dialogue only appearance Engage! where he spoke to her through some kind of monitor that was either being held, or was attached to an unknown creature. During the conversation it's revealed that Mirth is there with the Walrus so as to keep an eye out for the Dark One and to watch over The Prophet. Context suggesting that Grymm is in fact The Prophet.

So far it seems that Mirth is definitely of magical, interdimensional origins and more interested in having fun than completing the mission her father has her on.

A Mirthful EvolutionEdit