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Vital StatisiticsEdit

Age: Unknown

Sex: Presumably male

From: Mirth's Homeworld/Dimension

Abilities: Creation and control of striped "sandworms", seemingly impervious to bodily harm, eyebrows

First appearance: [Regenesising 2] (in shadow), 27: Lunchtime Near Sunken R'hley (full appearance)

What's His Story? Edit

According to Cyradwee himself, he was banished from his home dimension for various reasons including having goat legs, going on a homicidal rampage, and for having ridiculous eyebrows.

Cyradwee soon found himself on Earth by way of an occult ritual led by Richard Little. Little proceeded to put Cyradwee in charge of Infernum Publishing. Rip Flintlock later invested an unknown amount of money in Infernum. Money that Cyradwee used to create his underwater volcano headquarters and to alter his appearance to be more baseline human.

Over the years though, his appearance has deteriorated back to his original appearance. However the goat legs have yet to come back.

Cyradwee ran Infernum and kept Grymm and CreepKnight well payed for a number of years before the duo quit and possibly destroyed his volcano HQ. This sent Cyradwee into a spiral of vengeance and insanity that ended with Mac's betrayal, his imprisonment, and the destruction of Infernum Publishing.

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