Web-mistress, colorist, geek goddess, Ruby-Tipped vixen, and bruiser

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex:  Female

Age:  29

From:  Las Vegas, NV

Abilities:  Eggroll slingin', freakin sweet coloring skills, technological genius, perfector of the arts of cleavage

First appearance:  Eggrolls 5:  The Downfall of Don Juan Espinosa

What's Her Story?Edit

CreepKnight and Grymm initially encountered Marron while attempt to to get a bite to eat at Madam Popo's Eggroll and Bondage Emporium. Between ample cleavage and a seemingly impressive art portfolio, she immediately captured the boys' interests right before her work place was invaded by Infernum ninjas and destroyed in a cat based explosion.

With little else to do, she apparently opted to join the duo on their road trip and was all too happy to join in the insanity of highway piracy, and playing dress up. Though she seemed either less than thrilled, or a little too methodical in taking the role of a surely diner waitress at Skip Weasel Joe's

A Marron...Ummm...Marronical...Uh...Oh screw it.  Here's some pics.Edit

(Got it!  A MARVELOUS EVOLUTION!  What, too late?  Well, hell.)