Mad Scotsman and author

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex: Male

Age: 49 (at time of first appearance)

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Abilities: Writing, doing all of the drugs, and being able to be seen about a minute before he enters the room.  Oh, and his dick talks too.

First appearance:  The Next Morning 1

What's His Story?Edit

Real life!Edit


Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is best known as an author of quality comics such as The Invisibles and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.  He also is known for important stories in ongoing titles such as JLAAnimal Manand Doctor Who Magazineamong others.  He also has a reputation for doing a vast amount of drugs.


Grant suddenly appeared in CK and Grymm's apartment "the morning after the day after the world ended" at the end of Hobo-Geddon with nothing but an open pink bathrobe, a smile, and a several foot long talking penis.  No explanation is given for his sudden appearance.  (The Next Morning 1)

Making himself right at home, Grant settles down to a bowl of Grymm's Commander Crispy Cereal and finds a decoder ring.  This is enough to stir a sleeping Grymm, who attacks Grant with a spatula while riding Napoleon,  wearing a Masked T-Square mask, and screaming HIGHLANDER quotes.  (The Next Morning 2)

In Grant's next appearance, he greets a blood-soaked Shmeerm at the door of the apartment.  Assuming he's an "emissary from those 'oo came from beyond", he offers Shmeerm a naked hug with a top hat and mustache on his penis.  (Shmeerm On A Grant, Grant On A Shmeerm)

Shmeerm throws him out of a window for his trouble.  (Voodoo Walrus: When Grants Fly)

Grant and Napoleon (well, mostly Grant) attempt to keep Doc and her Meat Slaves out of the apartment.  Grant dissapears after a Meat Slave breaks down the door with a disco punch.  (Epilogue The Third: Super Collide My Higgs-Boson Baby)

While writing in his journal, CK notes that Grant is living in their closet.  (Punch It, Chewie!)

In his final appearance to date, Grant crashes the Voodoo Walrus 2011 New Year's Party covered in white powder, wearing pants, and screaming "They're coming!  Fear their power!  Fear their wrath!"  He starts to say "Fear it when they buy you coff-" when he promptly runs into a wall and collapses in a blood covered heap.  Grymm's comment indicates that Grant died from the impact.

Later, at the MagnaCon after party, Mr. PalmerAlan, and CK drink a toast to Grant's passing.  Alan is convinced that Grant faked his own death after discovering evidence of The Conspiracy  ("Spacey bastard pulled a Kaufman!"), but Mr. Palmer is convinced that cocaine played a role in his death.  This conversation was cut short due to the entrance of Grymm being chased by the Angry Nun Action Squad Cosplayer.


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