She loves her wee little Shmeermsie-Wermsie

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex:  Female

Age:  Old

From:  Unknown

Abilities:  She wears a meathook on her right arm.  Otherwise undefined.

First appearance:  Episode 81: Grymm Hates Pokemon (Non-Canon), The Gathering Storm 2:  Them Old Familiar Faces (In Canon)


What's her story?Edit

Gramma Eyepatch appears on two pages in the Drunk Duck archive:  The afore mentioned Episode 81, and Gramma Eyepatch's Meathook Theatre.  In the former, she appears with two mustachioed, talking penises wearing hats.  In the latter, a disembodied heart wearing a cap comments on her breath.  Neither of these stories are part of the current VOODOO WALRUS storyline.

In The Gathering Storm 2, she is part of the group of villians assembled by Cyradwee.  Her most recent appearance was in Entropy 101 6, where she is seen force-feeding "The Pudding" to teenage Rip Flintlock.  She ostensibly works as a lunch lady at First Genesis.

It is stated in the page notes for both Episode 81 and The Gathering Storm 2 that Gramma Eyepatch is Shmeerm's grandmother.