Achmed Mart cashier, gamer, and admirer of the Walrus.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown

From: Unknown

Abilities: Cashiering, flirting, and repenting

First Appearance: Bad Cheese From the 5th Dimension 8

What's Her Story?Edit

Emily made her first appearance as the checkout operator for CK and Mirth's grocery store adventure during the Bad Cheese From the 5th Dimension story arc.  CK was flirting with her when his credit card came back declined.

According to Grymm's notes on that page, she has rats, enjoys old sci-fi novels, wants to be a writer, and secretly admires CK.

In Bad Cheese From the 5th Dimension 10: Epilogue, Mirth attempts to exchange a baby for a lobster, which Emily rejects.  She then offers her a sack full of tentacled horror, which causes Emily to repent her hentai hobby once it has her in it's grasp and leaves her screaming "tentacle sex is not axiomatic!"

That's about all I can show you. Sorry!

Real-life Grymm did go on to draw a possible outcome to this encounter for an adult site.  It's canonicity is unknown.

Emily currently features in the prose story The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Artistic Mind in Conjunction with Festivities and Chaos:  A Halloween Story, which is running in the This Is Halloween series of pages.  Real-Life CK notes in the first installment that the story takes place during the Black and White Era, which would pre-date the events listed above.


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