Best friend, building manager, and resident ass-kicker

Vital StatisticsEdit

Sex: Female

Age: 26

From: Busti, NY

Abilities: Master Dance Fighter, business acumen, looking damn fine in that dress

First appearance:  The Regenesising 4 (Voice only), The Regenesising 5 (Full)

What's Her Story?Edit

Bowler was the first main supporting character to be introduced in full. Identified right from the beginning as an old friend who Grymm and CreepKnight hadn't actually seen for an unmentioned period of time.

Throughout the entirety of the Black and White Era, she played the part of a grounding force to Grymm and CreepKnight and occasional kick of asses when needed.

During what could be seen as being the "Road Trip" year, Bowler rode to the guys' rescue attempting to track them down and ensure their safety after too long not hearing from them.

Therafter, her friendship with CreepKnight became a bit unstable when word gets out that her ex-boyfriend Rip Flintlock is back in town and she's been in contact with him. This results in an explosive confrontation between CreepKnight and Bowler and hints towards their friendship having been something more in the past and that Rip might have been the cause of them not having seen each other for a time at the point where Voodoo Walrus begins. While the two make peace, there's still a certain amount of tension left concerning the situation.

Bowler is next seen attending Magnacon with Rip and ends up helping the duo out in a fight against Decker and his Laser Tag LARPERs. Things seem generally amiable between her and CK and she quickly learns that CK has a new lady love in Ona Fortune.

In wanting to get a little playful revenge for all the past boyfriends CK has tormented away, Bowler decides to try to torment Ona. This plan fails miserably as Bowler finally realizes that she just can't beat the duo at their own game of madness and blunt force chaos. She does end up bonding with Ona over movies and conversations about dance fighting and club culture.

A Pun on the Words "Bowler" and "Evolution" As An Excuse To Show a Bunch of Pics.Edit


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